Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Causes of and Solutions to Foam Problems

Foam is typically considered to be an undesirable property in a metalworking fluid. Since most metalworking fluids have good cleaning properties to help keep machines clean, they also foam when agitated.
The quantity of foam that occurs, then, depends upon the chemical composition of a metalworking fluid product, the quality of the water used for mixing, and the degree of agitation in the system.

There are few reasons cause foam that resulted in exposure to the air during processing.
First, there is not enough space for sink. Second, the machine accolated too much iron filings, it caused liquidity is not well.
At first, you can add defoamer to improve the foaming problem, but it isn't a great method for long time. It depends on situation, one of the method that choose the suitable cutting oil.

Causes of and Solutions to Allergy Problems

There are some suggestions that you can wear gloves or put lotion on your hands that in order to protect the skin; avoid to touch the oil directly. If only a few person allergy that could behalf of the personal problems. It also probably causes respiratory diseases (including asthma, pneumonia, etc.), allergic skin diseases and malignancies, we can use the eco-friendly cutting oil, it's a security method.

HLJH, use the natural vegetal mild formula is harmless to human, can be called " environmental cutting oil ".

Causes of and Solutions to Odor Problems

Odor problems always bother to operators that we could check few points. First, concentration it doesn't suit too high or too law. Second, it need to regular replacement of oil. Third, it depends on serious odor, can add HLJH's regulator. Finally, if above methods already tried then doesn't improve, you should change the sink of cutting oil.

HLJH, could help you to take 250c.c to laboratory testing, confirm remedy for that oil.

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