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HLJH is specialized in cutting oil, lubricant, rust preventive oil
HLJH is specialized in cutting oil, lubricant, rust preventive oil
HLJH's Trademark Award
HLJH's Trademark Award

HAI LU JA HE (HLJH) is a manufacturer and supplier of metalworking fluid (MWF) who is located in Taichung, Taiwan that for over 30 years of experience in production, R&D, and marketing who is known for on-time delivery, good quality, honest, product sustainable, advanced technology and constant innovation with a solid reputation in the field.

On the other hand, HAI LU JA HE (HLJH) is acting as a general agent of MORESCO Japan in Taiwan. We continuously develop unique and efficient solutions for manufacture challenges.


HAI LU JA HE (HLJH) is specialized in MWFs, include synthetic, semi-synthetic, emulsion cutting oil. However, we also offer lubricant (slideway oil, hydraulic oil) and rust preventive oil and so on.
Here are our service and product as below

■ Metalworking Fluid (Cutting Oil)
■ Lubricant Oil (Slideway Oil, Hydraulic Oil)
■ Rust Preventive Oil
■ Wastewater Treatment Machine
■ Quality Monitoring System for MWFs


■ Communicated the demand in detail and recommend suitable MWFs
■ Customized Service (OEM, ODM)
■ Offer variety MWFs type
■ After-sales service (Sales, Online service)

HLJH had awarded for "Trademark Award of the second 2018"

A trademark, the most effective logos are wordless and minimalist that on behalf of the enterprises mark, set up the culture of enterprise, embodying concepts and services.

Circular Economy is the most important environmental issue in recent years. The technical cooperation between HLJH and Japan Moresco upholds basic requirements that are harmless to the human body and the environment. The new technology is developed the stable structure of water and oil molecular. To create "environment- friendly cutting oil" for metal which is a major boost for all manufacturing industries and the environment.

History & Milestones
2018Enterprise transformation with the digital market.
2015JIA HE company was merged with us and named HLJH CORP.
2012We act as agent of the brand MORESCO the industrial oil product series.
2008HLJH CORP introduced ERP system, in response to the product with variety and high quality. We constantly improve the different requirements to achieve information disclosure efficiency.
2007HLUH CORP invested the JH company and opened the market in Changhua.
1998The Own Branding & Manufacturing of the lubricant WORLD founded.
1983In response to market trends, our focused market towards to Taichung. Regards to the long-term business developing, HLUH CORP was moved to Tanzi.
1982HLUH CORP. was founded by President CHIANG CHING TSENG.

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Look at Taiwan - HAI LU JA HE CO., LTD: We need to make joint efforts about environmental protection. HLJH introduce safe and harmless oil into Taiwan's processing industry.

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