Hydraulic Oil

ISO:32, 46, 68 Hydraulic Oil / HAI LU JYA HE Co., Ltd. (HLJH) was established in 1982 who is a manufacturer, supplier, and agent of industrial lubricants. We have been focusing on manufacturing and marketing the industrial lubricants more than 30 years that you can trust us to be your long-term business partner.

WILL AIE-71 Soluble Cutting Fluid

WILL AIE-71 Soluble Cutting Fluid

AIE-71 cutting oil is commonly used in processing aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials which has superior anti-foaming, lubricating and anti-corrosion performance.

MORESCO BS-9 Soluble Cutting Fluid

MORESCO BS-9 Soluble Cutting Fluid

BS-9 cutting oil is recommended for a variety of cutting operations on ferrous and nonferrous metals, especially for cast iron and titanium.


30 Years of Hydraulic Oil | Metalworking Oil Manufacturer - HLJH

Located in Taiwan, HAI LU JYA HE CO., LTD, since 1982, is a Hydraulic Oil | metalworking fluid (MWF) & oil supplier. Main product, including Metalworking Fluid (Cutting Oil), Lubricant Oil (Slideway Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Rust Preventive Oil, Wastewater Treatment Machine and Quality Monitoring System for MWFs.

Metalworking oil and fluid, RoHS, TGRS, SGS and SDS certified. Along with industrial cutting oil, wastewater and sewage treatment solutions and machines are provided. The wastewater treatment plant design is combining sophisticated science and technology to reach effluent standards of COD, which allows watering, directly emission and reduce the pollution.

HLJH has been offering customers high-quality metalworking oils & fluids, both with advanced technology and over 30 years of experience, HLJH ensures each customer's demands are met.

Hydraulic Oil

ISO:32, 46, 68 Hydraulic Oil

Protect the workpiece and lubricate for all your applications.
Protect the workpiece and lubricate for all your applications.

WILL Hydraulic Oil AW Series are premium grade oil which power is transferred throughout in all hydraulic systems. The hydraulic oils are formulated to deliver good performance in a range of hydraulic components used in systems subjected to moderate operating conditions.

Hai Lu Jya He offer the hydraulic oils of viscosity 32, 46, 68 which all contain an effective anti-wear additive and anti-foam additives to release entrained air rapidly.

Typical Specifications

Product ItemViscosity indexViscosity, Kin @40℃Viscosity, Kin @100℃ 



32.8 cSt

5.68 cSt



45.97 cSt

6.99 cSt



67.9 cSt

8.85 cSt

Excellent performance in

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
  • General Purpose Lubrication
  • Hand Oilers for Machine Parts, Bearings, Cams, Gears, etc.


  • Thermally stable, within a range of operating temperatures

  • Non-corrosive to its system
  • Anti-wearing to its system
  • Constant viscosity, regardless of temperature
  • Long life and Cost-effective

How to select the hydraulic oil

Most operators use the specific grade of hydraulic oil which is suggested by their machine provider. That doesn’t mean that product is optimum for the application.

For most machines, there are many options when it comes to lubricant selection. With hydraulics, the one of primary considerations is viscosity grade which is typically determined by the operating temperature and the system’s operating pressure.

Oil viscosity largely determines the maximum and minimum oil temperatures within which the hydraulic system can safely operate. When selecting the appropriate viscosity grade, look for the optimum viscosity required by the hydraulic pump. Check the operating temperature of the pump and see if it falls between the temperature ranges of the lubricant in question. If not, you may need to increase or decrease the viscosity of the lubricant to achieve the desired, optimum viscosity.

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