Cutting Fluid

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Cutting Fluid

As a manufacturer and supplier of cutting fluids, there are many details should be noticed while metalworking processing. The articles as below are our know-how and experienced for your reference. It may solve the problems which you are facing with it, and even can help you extend coolant and tool life.

The operators usually use the cutting fluids to dissipating heat generated in the operation, reduce friction and remove chips or swarf away from the cutting zone. However, there are many kind of cutting fluids in the market, and every cutting fluid seems like very similar. But what difference between of them? And what factors will affect processing performance? How to maintain cutting fluids? How to choose the right and suitable cutting oils?

Don’t worry!This is what we do. HAI LU JYA HE is an expert of cutting fluids who can rely on. If you have the issue about cutting fluids, please feel free to let me know. We are glad to contact with you.

As a manufacturer and supplier of cutting fluids, we received a lot of questions about choosing the right cutting oils. Most people know that cutting oils are dissipating heat generated in the operation, reduce friction and remove chips away from the cutting zone that can make easily to cut during metal processing. Read More
Neat cutting oils are based on mineral oils, and blended with additives, and used for cutting without further dilution as supplied by the manufacturer. Besides, neat cutting oils have superior lubricating and cutting performance which prevents corrosion and rusting and also increases the life of the machinery and tools made of metal.... Read More
In the market, we offer neat cutting oil and water-based cutting oils for customers. And we noticed most people gradually substitute water-soluble cutting fluids for neat cutting oils that consider environmental pollution and human health.As a manufacturer and supplier of cutting oils, we realized that most customers have no idea what kind of cutting oils they are using. In brief, water-based cutting oils are form an emulsion when added to water. And, neat cutting oil is based on mineral oils which used for cutting without further dilution. For water-based cutting oils, there are two types you should know. They are soluble cutting oil and semi-synthetic cutting oil. Read More
The most important requirements to be met by coolants in metal cutting are reduction of tool wear, a high-quality surface finish and economy of use. There are water-based cutting fluids and neat cutting oil which used for processing metals and machineries. Read More
Soluble cutting fluids and semi-synthetic cutting fluids which contain emulsifiers that allow them to mix with water and form a milky white emulsion. They also contain additives to improve their lubricating properties, rust and corrosion inhibitors and a biocide to help control foul smell. Read More
As we all know that a precise concentration is a key point for a stable emulsion and optimized lubrication. But, there’s another critical key:WATER QUALITY. Unlike neat oils, which are used in metalworking operations in undiluted form, water-miscible fluids are normally diluted with water to form an emulsion. Read More
Is your CNC coolant constantly foaming in the sump (coolant tank) or even sometimes foaming out of the sump? As a manufacturer and supplier of metalworking fluid, we usually received the foaming question from the operators. Read More
Metalworking fluids(MWFs), mainly used as 2–10% emulsions in water which are among the commonest chemical exposures. Most MWFs are mixtures of base oil and auxiliary substances such as emulsifiers, antimicrobial agents, corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, etc. which are strongly alkaline, and contact with skin can remove natural oils and damage the proteins in the skin's protective outer layer so that skin's water content is diminished, and the result is dry, scaly, inflamed skin.... Read More
As a manufacturer and supplier of coolant, there are a lot of experienced could be share with you. We commonly received the problem about the bad smell. If you’ve worked in a machine shop or metalworking facility for any length of time, you have no doubt encountered a variety of unpleasant odors. Read More

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