Glass / Ceramics

Cutting Fluid For Glass / Ceramic

Glass / Ceramics

Grinding Glass and Ceramic:Prevents sludge solidification, no more hard sludge and clogging

Cutting Fluid For Glass / Ceramic
Cutting Fluid For Glass / Ceramic

In processing glass and ceramics, it is important to take into account the brittle nature. Grinding of these materials is typically done under coolant to aid in the removal of the grinding swarf and to help prevent loading or clogging.

Using only water as a coolant is not sufficient to fulfill today´s high productivity and quality demands. The use of water without any additives leads to rapid decrease in grinding efficiency. The small glass and ceramic fines created in the grinding process that caused damage and scratch tool and work pieces.

Hai Lu Jya He offers two kinds of synthetic fluid for grinding glass and ceramic materials. They have excellent cooling and settling properties that ensure quality grinding, resulting in a regular and clean surface.



■ Wonderful finish of the product and the extension of service life of the grindstone

■ Excellent antiseptic property especially against non-ferrous metal


■ Excellent settling, glass sludge settles fast

■ Glass sludge form a soft slurry

■ Easier cleanout of the coolant tank

How Sludge Affect Operators and Workshop

Glass Sludge

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  • MORESCO GR-5 - MORESCO GR-5 cutting fluid has the excellent washing, defoaming, settling abilities.
    Cutting Fluid For Glass

    As we know, glass sludge is a commonly problem when machining glass material. MORESCO GR-5 synthetic cutting fluid can prevent sludge solidification. It can make glass sludge form a soft slurry that easier cleanout of the coolant tank. Besides, GR-5 has an excellent grinding property with diamond grinding stone.Overall, the synthetic make up of MORESCO GR-5 allows for the high end machining performance of soluble oils, without the high maintenance, odors, and reduced sump life generally associated with generic soluble oils.As a manufacturer and supplier of metalworking fluids, Hai Lu Jya He can give you useful and professional support and recommendations. The SDS, TDS and product certifications of MORESCO GR-5 are available upon request through “Files Download” button. The product is certified ISO9001:2015 QMS that can make sure highly quality of product. If you have any needs, please sending an inquiry or email to let us know. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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