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Coolant For Glass

Excellent wash ability, settling to prevent damage and scratch the tool and work pieces

Cutting Fluid For Glass material
Cutting Fluid For Glass material

Coolant technologies from MORESCO improve quality and increase productivity while a the same time, lower the costs for energy consumption and maintenance. Thus, our fully synthetic coolants play an essential role in modern glass production processes.

As glass is a brittle material, special attention must be paid to the grinding parameters. Grinding with water or a coolant from the metal industry is not sufficient to meet today‘s demands on productivity and quality.

MORESCO designed eco-friendly coolant to be suitable for glass materials which improve the process of grinding, drilling and machining glass to avoid glass be damaged and affect the quality. The high lubricity ensures quality grinding by removal of fine particles and glass fragments, resulting in a regular and clean surface.


  • Excellent lubricity
  • Free from chlorine
  • Excellent wash ability
  • Excellent settlement
  • Corrosion protection for machines
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved edge quality
  • MORESCO GR-5 - MORESCO GR-5 cutting fluid has the excellent washing, defoaming, settling abilities.
    Eco Synthetic Cutting Fluids of Japanese Production Techniques

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