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You have to know before choosing cutting fluid for aluminum alloys

Cutting Fluid For Aluminum
Cutting Fluid For Aluminum

Aluminum alloys (Al) have many grades that used in widely industrials. When you’re cutting aluminum material, you have to concerned about lubrication, cutting performance, and washability first of all. Make sure above conditions, then you’ll have no problem getting a bright mirror finish.

Aluminum alloy is a lightweight silvery white metal that it has high strength and easy to process, and all grades of aluminum are highly machinable. Among of them, 7075 aluminum is extremely popular in structural components like airplane wing spars and bike frames. And other aluminum series are usually used in car body plate, auto body sheet metal parts, mechanical parts, tube,.etc.

Basically, cutting fluids are generally compounding mineral oil and multi additives to stable pH level, lubricating and performances. The choice of a cutting fluid for aluminum alloys depends on many complex interactions including the machinability of the metal; severity of the operation; fluid properties, stability, lubricity, and wash ability.

Therefore, Hai Lu Jya He offer a few types eco-cutting fluids and neat cutting oils for your reference which have superior anti-corrosion property, lubricity, great chip flushing, and excellent cutting performance.

Neat Cutting Oil

Product ModelDensity 15℃Viscosity 40




18L / 200L




18L / 200L

Water Soluble Cutting Fluid

Product Viscosity 40
pH (1:20 dilution)Package




18L / 200L




18L / 200L

 WILL AIE-73  



18L / 200L

Reference Case

Aluminum Series

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the common problems during aluminum processing?

    Aluminum alloy is an extremely sensitive material to pH scale. The chemical properties of aluminum are relatively active. It is easy to oxidize in air and acid /alkaline environment that caused rust, corrosion, and odor smell.

    Therefore, the pH of aluminum alloy cutting fluid should not be too high. The added anti-rust agent needs to have the ability of corrosion inhibition and maintaining pH value stability. The cutting fluid should have excellent biological stability, corrosion resistance, long service life, not easy to stink.

  • Why the aluminum chips are so easy to stick to the tools?

    Aluminum alloy is a soft material that has high ductility. In high-speed cutting, the cutting heat can be quickly extended to the workpiece that caused chips to stick to the tools, resulting in the tool lose the cutting ability, machining accuracy, and surface roughness being influenced and form chip accretion.

    It will block the cutting area, making the cutting process difficult. At the same time, the cut debris is difficult to be taken away by the cutting fluid. That is why the lubricating and cooling of cutting fluid are so important to aluminum alloy.

If the above products can not fit your requirements, please fill out the form or Contact Us. We will contact you as soon as possible. As a cutting fluid manufacturer, we can offer another product for your reference. Just let us know your demand.

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