【Material】Glass Grinding

【Material】Glass Grinding

As glass is a brittle material, special attention must be paid to the grinding coolant's options. Grinding with water or a coolant from the metal industry is sufficient to meet today‘s demands on productivity and quality.

Dirty metalworking fluid can cause a host of problems for your CNC machining operation and can be harmful to machinists—if not cared for properly.

A:When we cleaning sludge inside of the CNC machine, we alway meet problems that sludge so hard that difficult to remove.


▼ Excellent Settling
Much improved processing quality, especially when cleaning the machine
Time and effort to clean the glass processing equipment is significantly reduced

▼ Adequate Lubrication
a high performance glass grinding fluid that provides excellent cooling and lubrication in glass grinding and cutting applications.

▼ Excellent Washing ability
Good washing ability could effective removes crips from surface of the glass and any oil left on the glass from previous processing.

▼ Foam control
Anti-Foam was formulated to help keep coolant oxygen levels low for improved glass grind cooling.

▼ Corrosion protection
It is formulated to protect the machine tool from rust and corrosion and the fluid residue will protect ways and slides.

  • GR-4 Synthetic Coolant - Cutting fluid has the great effect such as cooling, cleaning, no foaming and excellent rust protection.
    GR-4 Synthetic Coolant

    Hai Lu Jya He Enterprise is a manufacturer, supplier for metalworking oil and a general agent of MORESCO Japan in Taiwan. Besides manufacture, Hai Lu Jya He has offer OEM and ODM service for customers.MORESCO GR-4 coolant, is widely used as a grinding fluid for ferrous and non-ferrous metal products in industries. MORESCO GR-4 coolant has a great settlement for cutting glass materials.

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