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When we use the industrial oil, we always are facing to....

The cutting oil is mainly due to maintenance machine that can operate smoothly but also produce an unpleasant smell, the foaming in sink, the effect of lubrication and rust, etc.
How can we solve that?

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High precision cutting oil: There is a great lubricant effect and anti-rust; processing temperature is higher that easy to produce the mist of oil then make dirty work environment.Water Soluble Cutting Fluid: There is a great cooling effect that long-term u sage lower than costs.On the other hand, cutting different types of fluid per oil products has a different chemical composition, if mixed them will cause the other chemical changes easily. We need to understand that condition which give the best suggestions or can refer to our application of cutting oil. Read More
Ask or check that oil whether have the certification of RoHs and TRGS.If lubricant's viscosity is too high, it may not flow adequately to where it is needed; if lubricant's viscosity is too low, the fluid might not sufficiently separate and protect the parts as intended the best way to select and maintain proper lubricant viscosity in a system.Take these two steps: 1. Consult lubrication experts to select the proper product for your specific component, application and operating conditions. 2. Use the machine for analysis the viscosity of lubrication, such as Four Ball wear testing. Read More
Waste of cutting oil contains many chemical ingredients, if it is emissions at random not only violating of law but also cause serious pollution of environment even effect healthy.It's need to handle by the industry that having qualified certificate for wastewater treatment.HLJH set up class B treatment plant that can help to handle the industrial wastewater treatment; provide the wastewater treatment machine that converting waste into water.According to different areas, there are different rules that can refer to the EPA Executive of regulations. https://oaout.epa.gov.tw/law/LawCategoryMain.aspx?CategoryID=11 Read More
A very hard grey compound made by reaction of tungsten and carbon at high temperatures, used in making engineering dies, cutting and drilling tools, etc. Tungsten Carbide is often referred to as a Hard Metal due to it’s very high hardness in relation to other metals. Read More
As glass is a brittle material, special attention must be paid to the grinding coolant's options. Grinding with water or a coolant from the metal industry is sufficient to meet today‘s demands on productivity and quality.Dirty metalworking fluid can cause a host of problems for your CNC machining operation and can be harmful to machinists—if not cared for properly.A:When we cleaning sludge inside of the CNC machine, we alway meet problems that sludge so hard that difficult to remove. Read More
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