February, 2022

HAI LU JYA HE Co., Ltd. (HLJH) was established in 1982 who is a manufacturer, supplier, and agent of industrial lubricants. We have been focusing on manufacturing and marketing the industrial lubricants more than 30 years that you can trust us to be your long-term business partner.

February, 2022

2022/03/08 HLJH

Exhibition:TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 (Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show)

Hai Lu Jya He's physical exhibition was held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 six consecutive days, and ends successfully. We have to say, it's a big step forward since Covid-19. We offer a full range of industrial lubricants. Through the exhibition, we can show you that our products are very reliable.

At the booth, green and white are our business color that symbol eco-friendly and pure. And, we displayed the top cutting oils, MORESCO Toolmate BS-9, MORESCO Toolmate BS-1, MORESCO Toolmate E-500, MORESCO Toolmate BS-6S, WILL AIE-72, WILL AIE-73, and the latest product MORESCO Toolmate BS-88 for each visitor and buyers. Besides, we also promoted other related products, MORESCO SP-300 rust preventive oil, World 665 rust preventive oil.

Exhibition Information

  • Date:21-26 February, 2022 (Monday - Saturday)
  • Time:10:00a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
  • Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 2
  • Booth Number:R0334

TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 台北國際工具機展


TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 (Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show):Part Ⅰ

TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 (Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show):Part Ⅱ

TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 (Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show):Part Ⅲ

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