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Application Field

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HAI LU JYA HE Enterprise Co., Ltd. (HLJH) is located in Taichung Taiwan with over 30 years of experience in industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids (MWFs). We constantly optimize our technology and desperate to innovate with a solid reputation in the field. Let's discover HLJH's range of lubricants: dedicated lubrication solutions for each application field!

Cutting fluids provide excellent lubricity for much of the machining as well as great corrosion control for the machine and its parts. As we know, those coolants emphasis on different performances for each industry field.

Even though cutting oils the main ability is provide lubrication for metalworking, we should to consider materials at first.
Some machining of materials emphasis on cooling performance, some of them emphasis on lubrication. Each cutting fluids can suitable for specific materials machining that reach the best abilities. For instance, glass material is considering settlement and wash ability, but its coolant may not suitable for tungsten-carbide. Here are the kind of application field such as steel, iron, cast iron, brass, aluminum etc., for your reference.

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When processing aluminum, there are few tips to ensure a successful and efficient machining process to get a bright mirror finish. Aluminum is a versatile...

Cast Iron

Cast iron is known for its excellent machinability, but various factors must be considered when choosing a cutting fluid. As we know cast iron can be cut in dry without...

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an alloy steel with high strength and good plasticity that is very difficult to machine. During the machining process, the material...


Hai Lu Jya He Enterprise has designed eco-friendly coolant to be suitable for steel materials. There are two types, water soluble cutting fluid (emulsion...

Brass & Copper

Has your brass/bronze/copper got discolored during machining? Or has your cutting oil color changed in the coolant tank? Alright! There’s some clues...

Glass / Ceramics

Glass and ceramics, known for their unique properties, have become integral materials in various industries, from electronics to architecture. In processing...

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Industrial Lubricants Manufacturer And Supplier Since 1982 | HLJH

Located in Taiwan, HAI LU JYA HE CO., LTD has been an industrial lubricant manufacturer and supplier. Main products, include metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants, soluble cutting oils, semi-synthetic cutting oils, synthetic cutting fluids, neat cutting oils, rust preventive oils, slideway oils and hydraulic oils, which can reach 150 tons of cutting fluids per month.

HAI LU JYA HE Co., Ltd. (HLJH) have been focusing on manufacturing and marketing the industrial lubricants more than 30 years. Our fundamental belief is to make a harmful, friendly with lives, businesses, and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. We offer metalworking fluids (water-based cutting fluid, neat cutting oil), rust preventive oil, hydraulic oil, slideway oil, spindle oil, gear oil and so on that cover the whole industrial lubricant value chain. Our fundamental belief is to offer harmful and friendly products such as water-based cutting oils, neat cutting oil, rust preventive oil, hydraulic oil, slideway oil, spindle oil, gear oil and so on that cover the whole industrial lubricant value chain.

HLJH has been offering customers high-quality metalworking oils and fluids, both with advanced technology and 39 years of experience, HLJH ensures each customer's demands are met.