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  • NA-308T Neat Cutting Oil
    NA-308T Neat Cutting Oil
    MORESCO JAPAN 【Straight Oil】

    Hai Lu Jya He who is a coolant general agent of MORESCO Japan in Taiwan. All composition of MORESCO coolant without chlorine which considering environmental issues and human health. MORESCO NA-308T cutting oil is designed for high speed tapping and thread formation which based on mineral oils and used for cutting without further dilution. It can be used for applications from light machining to heavy-duty operations such as turning, honing and drilling. Therefore, it is used in many industries such as hardware parts, bike and automotive parts. For the materials, MORESCO NA-308T is suitable for SUS, ferrous, aluminum and, but it is not suitable for copper alloys. Besides high precision machining, MORESCO NA-308T have excellent lubricating and cutting abilities to remove chips and reduce the stickiness from surface, tools and workpieces. There is the excellent performance on high and low speed processing.On the other hand, all of our coolant have product certifications like RoHs, Reach, TDS, SDS etc. And all manufacture processing complies with ISO 9001:2015 QMS(Quality Management System). Our MORESCO NA-308T coolant is backed with 100% satisfaction. Hai Lu Jya He also serve OEM and ODM for customized cutting oil. Contact with Hai Lu Jya He for more professional advises.

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