History & Milestone

HAI LU JYA HE Co., Ltd. (HLJH) was established in 1982 who is a manufacturer, supplier, and agent of industrial lubricants. We have been focusing on manufacturing and marketing the industrial lubricants more than 30 years that you can trust us to be your long-term business partner.

History & Milestone

Our History:Doing well by doing good


Hai Lu Jya He, we are a family-operated business. Since 1982, HAI LU Co., Ltd was founded by President TSENG CHIANG-CHING in Taichung City, Taiwan. And, JYE HE Co., Ltd was established in 2007 in Taiwan by General Manager TSENG HUAN-LUNG. The two companies combine in 2008, that’s how we got the name- HAI LU JYA HE (HLJH)

1990, Create Own Brands

In 1982, our president TSENG CHIANG-CHING start a business from scratch. However, he accumulates the clients quickly because of his greatly service and honest. His fundamental beliefs are INTEGRITY, INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY. That’s what we do, and what we believe.

In 1990, we create two brands of lubricants, they are “WORLD” and “WILL”. We decided to manufacture the industrial lubricants by ourselves to provide more stability and high-quality products for each customer.

2008, Business Growth

In 2008, our customers mainly distributed in Taiwan not only in Taichung City, Taiwan. With the growth of business, there are over a hundred of products and more than 2000 customers have to maintain. Therefore, we import the ERP system to manage the product items and customer’s information.

2017, Became an MORESCO’s sole agent in Taiwan

Through the issue of environmental, most people are gradually considering the formula and additives within lubricants. So, we were looking for the brand who can achieve eco-friendly and also can provide excellent performances during machining at the same time. Eventually, we found MORESCO Japan in 2017, and we signed a contract that authorized we are a sole agent in Taiwan, and have MORESCO’s technic to manufacture the cutting oils. Until now, we specialize in metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants more than 30 years.

2017, Having First Factory

In 2017, the first factory was established in Changhua City, Taiwan to increase our production capacity. There are three blending mixing stirring tanks and the plant covers an area of 6,000 square meters that can deal with mass production. Besides, we have dependable laboratory and precision measuring instrument to control the quality of products.

2018, Import Salesforce System & Social Media

In 2018, we import Salesforce CRM System to manage product items, product sheets, contact info, and so on. We integrate different demands from customers, factories and sales ends to ensure a more productive communication. It is a platform that makes it easy for maintain the all data.

And we connect Salesforce CRM System and LINE(@mzv0003a) that you can purchase the goods online by yourselves. On the other side, if you have any question about the products or related issue, you'll be able to use our online chat service to talk to us in a real time. And, you also can search the account name “hljh1982” on Instagram to follow us. We’ll share the knowledge of industrial lubricants which you might interested.

2019, Certified ISO9001:2005 QMS

In 2019, we're an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization that complies with the most stringent quality standards. The Quality Policy:Write What You Do, Do What You Write. Our customers are satisfied with our superior quality, prompt delivery and efficient service as well as reasonable pricing.

2020, Planning Second Manufacturing Plant

It’s good news to share with you. The construction of second manufacturing plant is scheduled to begin in 2021, with the goal of starting production in 2025. The second plant will also be located in Tanzi district, Taichung City, Taiwan. It will expand warehouse, storage, and production capacity.

Now, we have approximately 2,400 customers in Taiwan, include automotive industry, aerospace industry, education industry and manufacturing Industry, and so on. Besides adding a second factory, we are devoting achieve CARBON NEUTRAL in the recently years.

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