What is Neat Cutting Oil (Straight Oil)

What is Neat Cutting Oil (Straight Oil)

Neat cutting oils are based on mineral oils, and blended with additives, and used for cutting without further dilution as supplied by the manufacturer. Besides, neat cutting oils have superior lubricating and cutting performance which prevents corrosion and rusting and also increases the life of the machinery and tools made of metal....

What Does a Neat Cutting Oil Do ?

Neat cutting oils can be used for applications from light machining to heavy-duty operations , e.g., gear hobbing, broaching, turning, honing and drilling. They are suitable for a wide range of process materials, especially used in hard materials.

Neat cutting oils as opposed to soluble or synthetic cutting fluids provide HIGH levels of lubrication to help reduce frictional heat as the cutting tool penetrates the metal or rubs against swarf. Even though the effective of cooling be limited, neat cutting oils also save energy by reducing cutting forces.

Neat Cutting Oil Advantages and Disadvantages in machining…

Neat cutting oils has excellent lubrication and cutting performance that helps you increase productivity and performance, as well as maintain high surface-finish levels and dimensional accuracy. Their simple nature makes them easy to manage for the user, and does not spend a lot of time to maintain quality of cutting oils.

Neat cutting oils provide the best lubrication and the poorest cooling characteristics among cutting fluids. However, it do not work well in high speed cutting operations because they do not dissipate heat effectively. The drawback of low operator acceptance due to misting and the slippery conditions they create throughout the workplace. Oil mist and smoke can even contain metal particles with carcinogenic substances. If the mist settles down on the factory floor there will be an increased risk of slipping.


  • Easy to manage
  • Increase life of cutting oils
  • Enhanced tool life cuts down-time and tooling costs
  • Reduce the risk of metal staining and corrosion


  • Poor heat removal
  • Oil mist and oil smoke
  • High viscosity
  • Flammable

What types of neat cutting oils we have?

As we know, neat cutting oils are non-emulsifiable and are used in machining operations in an undiluted form i.e. as supplied by the manufacturer. Neat cutting oils are classified either as "active" and "non-active" types. The difference between the two types of oils is that in the active oils a given amount of sulfur has been added to the oil to produce an active sulfurized oil, which upon reheating (in the cutting zone) will release some of this added sulfur to react chemically with the metal work surface. Therefore, active types (MORESCO NA-series) of neat cutting oils are particularly suited to ferrous materials, and non-active types (MORESCO NN-series) are suited to non-ferrous materials.

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