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Cast iron

Machining Cast Iron:Why should you use the cutting fluids

Cutting Fluid For Cast iron
Cutting Fluid For Cast iron
Cast iron dust
Cast iron dust

Cast irons are now popular engineering materials with a wide range of applications because of their low melting point, good machinability, resistance to wear and deformation. Particularly, the cast iron material cut finish looks just great.

In the past, cast iron is almost machined dry without using coolant, but it will be caused dust(chips) in your machine shop. As we know, cast iron dust is no joke, as it will make your machine, tool and coolant dirty in a heartbeat. And, it makes your hands go dark grey with handling and looks very similar to having handled graphite.

Many operators gradually using coolant to cut cast iron materials, mainly dust control. Coolant can wash down the cast iron dust right away, even if no part comes out of our machines dry. And the benefits of this is that parts are free of dust, and also you can go home with clean nose and lungs.

But, there is a drawback with using coolant for cut cast iron, that is all dust will end up in the coolant. How bad? The dust(chips) will get rust in the sank, and formed a solid that it is not easy to remove and clean. How can you do? Basically, cutting fluids are generally compounding mineral oil and multi additives to stable pH level, lubricating and anti-rust performances. However, the rust preventive ability is the most one of important things that should be consider at first before you chasing and using the coolant to cut cast iron.

The superior rust preventive performance can prevent cast iron chips get rust which end up in the sank, and it will be easy to clean and removed. Although, using the coolant have to concerned lots things, include cleaning sumps, but having clean air, a cleaner workplace and clean parts made it worthwhile.


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