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Brass & Copper

Selection of cutting fluid for brass and copper alloy

Cutting Fluid For Brass
Cutting Fluid For Brass

Basically, cutting fluids are generally compounding mineral oil and multi additives to stable pH level, lubricating and performances. And sulfur, chlorine compounds, sometimes called extreme pressure (EP) additives, provide for even greater lubricity.

Most brasses, bronzes, and copper are stained when exposed to cutting oils containing active sulfur and chlorine. However, some formula (additive) has reacted with oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide in the sump, when machining copper and brass. That is why the coolant form that same patina in the sump when they oxidize....Thus, sulfurized and sulfochlorinated oils should not be used.

The choice of a cutting fluid depends on many complex interactions including the machinability of the metal; the severity of the operation; fluid properties, reliability, and stability. Therefore, Hai Lu Jya He offers a few types of water-soluble cutting fluid and neat cutting oil without sulfur and chlorine additives for your reference.

Neat Cutting Oil

Product ModelDensity 15℃Viscosity 40




18L / 200L




18L / 200L

Water Soluble Cutting Fluid

Product ModelDensity 15℃
Viscosity 40




18L / 200L

 WILL AIE-73  



18L / 200L

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The coolant turning green during machining brass and copper, is this normal?

    It is a normal chemical reaction. But, you can choose the dedicated coolant for the brass that coolant without sulfur formula, and makes coolant color will not change right away or in a short time.
  • How to prevent ” patina” on the metals?

    You can use Oil Skimmer and Chip Vacuum Removal Machine to filter the chips and copper powder when you processing. Or you can use IoT Oil Skimmer for Compensation machine which can filter the chips and add the additives automatically. These ways can purify the coolant and removed the chips from the sump immediately, and keep a stable pH level and performance.

If the above products can not fit your requirements, please fill out the form or Contact Us. We will contact you as soon as possible. As a cutting fluid manufacturer, we can offer another product for your reference. Just let us know your demand.

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