Brass & Copper

Processing brass/copper/bronze alloy

Brass & Copper

Selection of cutting fluid for brass and copper alloy

Processing brass/copper/bronze alloy
Processing brass/copper/bronze alloy
coolant get color change
coolant get color change

Has your brass/bronze/copper get discolored during machining? You have to check your cutting oil first. As a manufacturer of cutting oils, we understand that cutting fluids are generally compounding mineral oil and multi additives to stable pH level, lubricity. However, sulfur and chlorine compounds, sometimes called extreme pressure (EP) additives, provide for even greater lubricity. But, they are not suitable for each metal materials.

Most brasses, bronzes, and copper are stained when exposed to cutting oils containing active sulfur and chlorine. Some formula (additive) has reacted with oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide in the sump, when machining copper and brass. Thus, sulfurized and sulfochlorinated oils should not be used.

Besides, lubricity and cleaning are also most important things. If your cutting oils do not have enough lubricity, metal chips will stick on tools, and even scratch the workpieces. If the chips settled in the sump, no filtered immediately, it will caused oxidize. That is why the coolant form that same patina in the sump....

Hai Lu Jya He recommend MORESCO NN-254T and MORESCO NN-205T neat cutting oils with non-active sulfurized. For water-based cutting fluid, we recommend MORESCO BS-6S semi-synthetic cutting oil and WILL AIE-73 semi-synthetic cutting oil without chlorine additives. These cutting oils are especially good on brass, and provide excellent performances during machining.

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Neat Cutting Oil

Product ModelDensity 15℃Viscosity 40
MORESCO NN-254T0.85-0.8823-2618L / 200L
MORESCO NN-205T0.87220.0618L / 200L

Water Soluble Cutting Fluid

Product ModelDensity 15℃
Viscosity 40
   MORESCO BS-6S  0.975118L / 200L
 WILL AIE-73  0.984718L / 200L

Recommend Product
  • MORESCO BS-6S - MORESCO BS-6S cutting fluid has the excellent cooling, washing, defoaming performances.
    Chlorine-Free Eco Semi-synthetic Cutting Oil

  • WILL AIE-73 - WILL AIE-73 cutting fluid has the excellent lubricating, cooling, washing abilities and good rust protection.
    WILL AIE-73
    Chlorine-Free Eco Semi-Synthetic Cutting Oil

    WILL AIE-73 has superior washing performance that resists formation of sticky residues from surface, tools and workpieces. It leads to the simple and easy to cleaning machine and sump.Besides, it has excellent anticorrosion property that prevents work materials from corrosion. No matter you used hard water or soft water for machining, WILL AIE-73 also can achieve an excellent performance and corrosion protection for both components and machine tool.Its versatile performance makes it suitable for a wide range of metal cutting operations for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, especially for aluminum alloys, steel alloys, cast iron, brass and copper. Recommended for a variety of cutting operations. It is commonly used for lathe, boring, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, reaming, sawing operations.As a manufacturer and supplier of metalworking fluids, Hai Lu Jya He can give you useful and professional support and recommendations. The SDS, TDS, Reach and RoHs of WILL AIE-73 are available upon request through “Files Download” button. The product is certified ISO9001:2015 QMS that can make sure highly quality of product. If you have any needs, please sending an inquiry or email to let us know. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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