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  • Wastewater Treatment Machine
    Wastewater Treatment Machine

    To keep the environment away from pollution that everyone can do! For years, the countless industrial manufacturing brought a lot of pollution and dangerous so all around the world of industrials begin attention to these subjects. HLJH is pushing a few concepts that called recycle benefit and green environmental protection. We have the exclusive patents that we introduce the ultra-filter technology treatment of Japan. We use physical processing, only three simple steps, one in one out, that the dirt water could become the clean water then we can use it watering or direct discharge to get purpose of recycle. The Original Commentary: The wastewater treatment machine can handled the dirt water with PH level 2-12. We use the ultra-filter technology treatment of Japan that the dirt water can filtered. Through the 0.001 filter that the dirt water passed then become the clean water. At the same time, it can separate oil and water directly and concentrate oil. Ultra-filter is main consumable; its life depends on wastewater concentrate.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Refuse White / Black Pollution According to industrial waste management, we deal with waste liquid and waste treatment of business. In recent years, there has been a gradual emphasis in environmental hazard. No pollution, no chemicals, it is upholding the principle of our company. Even if, the original is grease, the ingredient is organic matter and doesn't have toxic chemicals. The industry mustn't solve the effluent by themselves that need to through the liquid waste treatment to handle it and reach standard of industrial emissions.

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