Oil Skimmer for Compensation

【Vegetable Oil】 WILL AIE-71 Soluble Cutting Oil

【Vegetable Oil】 WILL AIE-71 Soluble Cutting Oil

AIE-71 cutting oil is suitable for aluminum and stainless steel which has excellent anti-foaming, lubricating and anti-corrosion performance during machining. In particular, there is a vegetable-oil within metalworking fluids, and does not have chlorine.

【All-purpose】 MORESCO BS-6M Soluble Cutting Oil

【All-purpose】 MORESCO BS-6M Soluble Cutting Oil

BS-6M cutting oil is called all-purpose coolant without chlorine which formed a milky. It is best in aluminum(7075) and copper materials which performance can control and prevent the color change while machining.


30 Years of Oil Skimmer for Compensation | Metalworking Oil Manufacturer - HLJH

Located in Taiwan, HAI LU JYA HE CO., LTD, since 1982, is a Oil Skimmer for Compensation | metalworking fluid (MWF) & oil supplier. Main product, including Metalworking Fluid (Cutting Oil), Lubricant Oil (Slideway Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Rust Preventive Oil, Wastewater Treatment Machine and Quality Monitoring System for MWFs.

Metalworking oil and fluid, RoHS, TGRS, SGS and SDS certified. Along with industrial cutting oil, wastewater and sewage treatment solutions and machines are provided. The wastewater treatment plant design is combining sophisticated science and technology to reach effluent standards of COD, which allows watering, directly emission and reduce the pollution.

HLJH has been offering customers high-quality metalworking oils & fluids, both with advanced technology and over 30 years of experience, HLJH ensures each customer's demands are met.

Oil Skimmer for Compensation


IoT Compensation with Oil Skimmers

Through networking, cutting oil quality is monitoring at any time.
Through networking, cutting oil quality is monitoring at any time.


Use of coolant is usually essential when machining on CNC processing units. When oils combine with other contaminants in coolant they can form a sticky substance that cause cutting fluid is getting worse unconsciously. In the past, operator check scale for every machine’s tank on manual. Even though oil skimmer can purify coolant, it cannot detect pH scale immediately. Accordingly, HAI LU JYA HE Co., Ltd., combined oil skimmer and automatically compensation function that ensuring the optimum performance and extending the life of the coolant.

However, what difference between HLJH-01(Oil skimmer for compensation and control) and HLJH-02(Oil skimmer for compensation)? Considering business cost, we provide HLJH-02 product that without microcomputer for your reference. Although, HLJH-02 doesn’t have microcomputer, but it still can detect pH value and automatically compensation for cutting fluids. You must confused that how to collect data to analyze? For HLJH-02(Oil skimmer for compensation), you must cooperate one HLJH-01 product at least. Each HLJH-01 product can choose up to four HLJH-02 product for a package. This way can monitoring, purify cutting fluids and lower the cost at the same time.


  • Model:HLJH-02

  • Power require:General high pressure air
  • Effective flow:380L / HR
  • Chassis Material:Iron Covered with paint
  • Pressure value:2.5 kg/cm2
  • Minimum start air pressure value:1.7 kg/cm2
  • Voltage:110 V
  • Size:W 45.5cm x D 43cm x H 70cm

Features & Benefits

  • Purify coolant, extend life of coolant
  • Keep coolant quality, reducing the cost of coolant
  • Automatically compensation additives


  • pH Meter and Temperature Meter
  • Stainless steel filter
  • AP Additive (8 Liters)
  • Pump
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