IoT Monitoring and Compensation for Coolant

MORESCO BS-6S Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluid

MORESCO BS-6S Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluid

Through Ball-on-plate test, MORESCO BS-6M has superior lubricating and cutting property, especially suitable for aluminum alloy.

WILL AIE-71 Soluble Cutting Fluid

WILL AIE-71 Soluble Cutting Fluid

AIE-71 cutting oil is commonly used in processing aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials. AIE-71 has superior anti-foaming, lubricating and anti-corrosion performance during machining.


30 Years of IoT Monitoring and Compensation for Coolant | Metalworking Oil Manufacturer - HLJH

Located in Taiwan, HAI LU JYA HE CO., LTD, since 1982, is a IoT Monitoring and Compensation for Coolant | metalworking fluid (MWF) & oil supplier. Main product, including Metalworking Fluid (Cutting Oil), Lubricant Oil (Slideway Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Rust Preventive Oil, Wastewater Treatment Machine and Quality Monitoring System for MWFs.

Metalworking oil and fluid, RoHS, TGRS, SGS and SDS certified. Along with industrial cutting oil, wastewater and sewage treatment solutions and machines are provided. The wastewater treatment plant design is combining sophisticated science and technology to reach effluent standards of COD, which allows watering, directly emission and reduce the pollution.

HLJH has been offering customers high-quality metalworking oils & fluids, both with advanced technology and over 30 years of experience, HLJH ensures each customer's demands are met.

IoT Monitoring and Compensation for Coolant


Monitoring & Compensation with Oil Skimmers

Cutting fluids maintenance is crucial for metalworking.
Cutting fluids maintenance is crucial for metalworking.


IoT monitoring and compensation, the machine is an innovative system automating your coolant management process which automatically detect pH value, purify the coolant and add additives immediately to ensuring optimum performance and extending the life of the coolant.

Use of coolant is usually essential when machining on CNC processing units. The need to keep coolants clean has become an even greater issue. If you’ve worked in a machine shop or metalworking facility for any length of time, you may have no doubt encountered a variety of unpleasant odors when metalworking coolants are allowed to “rest” over the weekend. That means your cutting fluid is getting worse unconsciously.

In the past, staff(operator) need to check pH value every day for every machine that works on manual. It really spends a lot of time to maintain cutting fluids. If this is only done irregularly or even forgotten, there is a high risk that the cutting oil will getting deterioration. At the same time, we used to oil skimmer to separate and remove the floating oil from machine to keep coolant quality. But, is it enough?

Even though oil skimmer can purify coolant, it cannot detect pH scale immediately. This leads to an annoying mess when adding water or oil and abnormal concentrations which may adversely affect the service life of the tool and the machine life. Therefore, HAI LU JYA HE combined the oil skimmer, intelligent monitoring and automatically add additives that ensuring the optimum performance and extending the life of the coolant. This way can monitoring, purify cutting fluids and lower the cost at the same time.


Power require: General high-pressure air
Effective flow:380L / HR
Chassis material: Iron Covered with paint
Pressure value:2.5 kg/cm2
Minimum start air pressure value:1.7 kg/cm2
    Size:W 45.5cm x D 43cm x H 70cm

    Features & Benefits

    • Keep coolant quality, reducing the cost of coolant
    • Purify coolant, extend life of coolant
    • Data Visualization, web-enabled device to access related information, no matter where you are
    • Automatically alert notification & compensation additives


    • Microcomputer
    • pH Meter and Temperature Meter
    • Stainless steel filter
    • AP Additive (8 Liters)
    • Pump
    As we all know that a precise concentration is a key point for a stable emulsion and optimized lubrication. But, there’s another critical key:WATER QUALITY. Unlike neat oils, which are used in metalworking operations in undiluted form, water-miscible fluids are normally diluted with water to form an emulsion. Read More

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