AIE-75 Semi-Synthetic Coolant

【All-purpose】 MORESCO BS-6M emulsion coolant

【All-purpose】 MORESCO BS-6M emulsion coolant

The BS-6M coolant which is called all-purpose coolant without chlorine. It is best in aluminum(7075) and copper materials which performance can control and prevent the color change while metalworking. Besides, BS-6M cutting fluid have excellent lubricating, washing and cooling abilities to reduce the stickiness of machine and workpieces. The coolant have prodcut certifications and all processing complies with ISO 9001:2015 QMS(Quality Management System).

【Vegetable Oil】 HLJH AIE-71 Emulsion Coolant

【Vegetable Oil】 HLJH AIE-71 Emulsion Coolant

The AIE-71 coolant is suitable for aluminum and stainless steel which has excellent anti-foaming, lubricating and anti-corrosion performance during machining. In particular, there is a vegetable-oil within metalworking fluids, and does not have chlorine. It considering environmental issues and human healthy. The coolant have prodcut certifications, and all processing comply with ISO 9001:2015 QMS(Quality Management System).


30 Years of AIE-75 Semi-Synthetic Coolant | Metalworking Oil Manufacturer - HLJH

Located in Taiwan, HAI LU JYA HE CO., LTD, since 1982, is a AIE-75 Semi-Synthetic Coolant | metalworking fluid (MWF) & oil supplier. Main product, including Metalworking Fluid (Cutting Oil), Lubricant Oil (Slideway Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Rust Preventive Oil, Wastewater Treatment Machine and Quality Monitoring System for MWFs.

Metalworking oil and fluid, RoHS, TGRS, SGS and SDS certified. Along with industrial cutting oil, wastewater and sewage treatment solutions and machines are provided. The wastewater treatment plant design is combining sophisticated science and technology to reach effluent standards of COD, which allows watering, directly emission and reduce the pollution.

HLJH has been offering customers high-quality metalworking oils & fluids, both with advanced technology and over 30 years of experience, HLJH ensures each customer's demands are met.

AIE-75 Semi-Synthetic Coolant


Metalworking Coolant, Water Soluble Cutting Fluid, Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid, Cutting Oil

HLJH AIE-75 cutting fluid has the excellent lubricating, cooling, washing abilities and good rust protection.
HLJH AIE-75 cutting fluid has the excellent lubricating, cooling, washing abilities and good rust protection.
(HLJH) WILL AIE-75 Semi-Synthetic Coolant
(HLJH) WILL AIE-75 Semi-Synthetic Coolant

Hai Lu Jya He who is a coolant manufacture in Taiwan. There are OEM and ODM service for customized cutting fluid. HLJH AIE-75 semi-synthetic coolant does not have chllorine which has the excellent lubricating, antispesis, washing performances to remove chips immediately and reduce the stickiness from surface, tools and workpieces. HLJH AIE-75 coolant is often used for lathe, boring, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, reaming and sawing. For the materials, it is suitable for aluminum, cast iron, steel alloys. In particular, HLJH AIE-75 cutting fluid have excellent stability in hard water which can prevent separate water and oil then can be used stably for a period of time. It is used in many industries such as hardware parts, bike and automotive parts.

On the other hand, all of our coolant have prodcut certifications like RoHs, TDS, SDS. And all manufacture processing complies with ISO 9001:2015 QMS(Quality Management System). Our MORESCO AIE-75 coolant is backed with 100% satisfaction. Contact with Hai Lu Jya He for more professional advices.


● Excellent stability in hard water and it can be used by even Mg 300ppm which preventing the coolant separation which is caused by hard water.
● Excellent cutting performance:AIE-75 has great workability compared to the conventional soluble type cutting fluid, especially for the machining of aluminum alloys
● Excellent Antisepsis:Suppressing the breeding of bacteria that cause decay and corruption by using our company owns accumulated technique and excellent antisepsis. This innovation is different to other coolants that only rely on antiseptic and alkaline additives.
● Non chlorine:An environmentally friendly coolant: chlorine-based extreme pressure additives is not added.
● Excellent washability:AIE-75 has an excellent washability that reduces the stickiness of machine and work materials greatly. This also leads to the simple and easy cleaning of the work materials.


  • Suitable of materials for aluminum, cast iron and steel alloy, etc.
  • Suitable of processing for lathe, boring, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, reaming, sawing, etc.


  • 18 Liters / 5 Gallon
  • 200 Liters / 50 Gallon


  • Storage:Avoid direct sunlight, under normal temperature, keep in dry and cool place.
  • Expiration date:9 months (Base on brand-new)
  • Substances floating on the coolant might be seen in the beginning of use. They are antifoaming additive and disappear in a couple of days.


  • RoHs:RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances
  • TDS:TECHNICAL DATA SHEET describes the technical data of a raw material.
  • SDS:Safety Data Sheet protect health and security and also a duty to properly label substances on the basis of physio-chemical, health or environmental risk.


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